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Business Taxation in Tunisia


The standard corporate tax rate in Tunisia is 30%. However, some other tax rates also apply and these taxes include:

•a 35% corporate tax rate applies to certain banking and financial institutions; investment companies; insurance and reinsurance companies; companies operating in the hydrocarbons sector; factoring companies; and telecommunications companies;
•a corporate tax rate of 10% for agriculture and fishing companies;
•as from 1 January 2011, companies that are wholly or partially engaged in exports, companies established in Economic Activities Parks (free zones) and international trade companies will be subject to a 10% corporate tax rate on profits derived from exports;
•a five-year reduction in the corporate income tax rate from 30% or 35% to 20% for a company that lists at least 30% of its share capital between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2014.

A law published on 7 June 2010 (Law 2010-29) aims to encourage Tunisian companies to list their shares on the Tunisian stock market with a view to making the market more dynamic. The law provides for a five-year reduction in the corporate income tax rate from 30% or 35% to 20% for a company that lists at least 30% of its share capital between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2014. The reduced corporate rate starts from the date the shares are listed on the stock market. If the company's shares are removed from the stock market during the period the reduced rate is in effect, the company will be required to pay the difference between the corporate income tax due at the normal rate of 30% or 35% and the 20% rate, in addition to penalties. The reduced corporate tax rate does not apply to telecommunications companies, oil and gas companies and oil and gas services companies or companies involved in the refining of oil and the wholesaling of oil products.

A corporation has to pay a minimum tax liability of 0.1% of the total gross turnover with a minimum account due even without any turnover of TD100. For companies taxable at the 10% rate and those taxable at the 30% rate this minimum amount is TD250.

Legal entities liable to company tax and individuals liable to personal income tax carrying on a trade business are subjected to three tax instalments each representing 30% of the total levy calculated on income and profits of the previous year. Tax instalments should be paid during the 28 first days of the 6th, 9th and 12th months respectively following the balance sheet date.

Limited companies, limited partnerships and co-operatives are liable to corporate income tax on their profits arising from any business they carry on in Tunisia. Foreign companies not carrying on business in Tunisia but deriving certain types of income from Tunisia are subjected to company tax.

Local Taxes

There is a municipal tax on the rental value of buildings. The owner of the property is liable for the collection of the tax. The base of this tax is the gross rental value determined in accordance with a general census carried out every three to five years by the local authorities. The rate is fixed by the local authority and may be divided into two zones, urban and suburban (where the rate is lower).

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